Inbodied Trauma Release Breathwork is a powerful tool for clearing out the blockages in your physical, emotional and mental body resulting from traumatic experiences.

From ancestral to individual trauma, every experience in our lives or the lives of our parents is encoded into the intelligence of our body's tissue. Left unchecked, the accumulation of these experiences lead to sensations and behaviours that subconsciously run our lives and prevent us from truly living.

If you want to clear what no longer serves you and break free from what is keeping you where you are, then lean into the power of the breath. There's so much more out there for you!

There's 2 ways to experience Inbodied breathwork with Cam

Option (1) You can book a private session or option (2) You can come to our 7 Day Ignite Retreat this September in Bali, Indonesia. Cam does offer online sessions for special circumstances.

For all of these offerings, please click the button below and fill out the contact form. You will then be added to the waitlist and contacted by Cam directly.

Meet Cam MacDougall

This world needs more people like you...

The wild ones not afraid to let their truth be seen. The warriors that will fearlessly step into resistance with an open heart and focused intention. The seekers that know there is more to this human experience than meets the eye.

I see you, honour you and am so proud of you for even exploring this page. It's clear that you're someone that's not adhering to the status quo and is ready to start squeezing the juice out of life and I love it!

My name is Cam MacDougall, and I am a certified Trauma Release Breathwork Practitioner and the creator of Inbodied Breathwork. I am on a mission to normalize human emotions, empower full expression and ignite as many souls on this earth as I can. I have one promise for you. I promise to honour your pain, see your potential and hold you through the whole breadth of human expression. I'm a firm believer in the power of resonance so I will stop there. If I have connected to you in any way you know it by now. And if that is the case, I look forward to hearing from you and connecting in person or at one of our events. I can't wait to co-create some magic! Big love.

Want To Learn More About Inbodied Breathwork?

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Hear From Some Of Cam's Clients

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