Strength Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and International-High-Performance Coach

"Your body is your instrument for both spiritual and personal growth. Fine tune it, and watch your business, life and relationships take off like a rocket ship!"


Cam MacDougall is an International High-Performance Coach based out of Toronto, CA and Bali, Indonesia. For more than 10 years, Cam has been coaching and training people like you, the mission-driven professional, on how to tap into your body's internal energy reserves and boost your vitality. Through his 6 "C" Method, he optimizes your vitality (sleep, nutrition, fitness, mindset, spiritual and mind/body connection) to not only get you extremely fit but boost productivity and get you out doing more of you love.


Over the years, he has not only helped hundreds of people like you become high-performers in health and fitness but has empowered them to find their purpose and make vitality an integral part of their lives.


"Everything you create is a product of your state. And fine-tuning your body is the gateway to improving your state. Build your body in the right way and you will start producing things you never thought possible before".


From online fitness courses to private coaching, breathwork session, and 2 and 3-day immersive experiences that combine it all, Cam has programs that tailor to every lifestyle and schedule. From a "quick hit, get fit" course to a personalized "live in" vitality consults to overhaul your whole vitality practice, he does it all. 


Over the course of his fitness and professional career, Cam was a 2 times Regional CrossFit Athlete, has ridden the world's longest off-road mountain bike trail from Banff, AB to Antelope Wells New Mexico 4,350 km in under 38 days, been a 4 time Presidents Club award recipient (top 5% sales executive) as Assistant Vice President of a financial firm, and built and sold his first online business.


He knows what it feels like to be "on the grind" because he has been there many times. Both as a professional in a suit, and an entrepreneur. 


Over the course of his career, he has worked with entrepreneurs, business professionals, TV personalities and athletes. These high thriving, energy-hungry humans have employed him for support with fitness, energy levels, mental and physical strength, spiritual connection and overcoming self-limiting beliefs to transform their bodies, businesses, and careers.


"The conventional hustle and grind mentality is a thing of the past - the years of trading health and vitality for riches is dead... It's time to redefine success by looking amazing, feeling great and being a badass superhero!"


Cam did not start here. Spending the majority of his youth in and out of jail he knows very how hard life can be. From the streets to the boardroom he has witnessed how stress, anxiety, and internal dialogue can lead to immense challenges in our lives.


And he also knows that the body is our gateway to shifting all of this. He first experienced the power of the body when introduced to weightlifting by a guard in jail. A guard that wanted to help him control and manage his energy. This was the catalyst that changed Cam's life forever by physically showing him that the body is the key to unlocking life's potential... And that no matter where you re in life, and how down you feel,  we ALL have the ability to do to achieve this. We just need the right tools and someone that can take us there.


Cam never forgets where he came from and has made it a part of his mission to always bring people up around him. Because of this, $0.25 is donated to kids in need of healthy food for every workout you complete in any of his programs. When you join a program, you are literally turning your body into a vehicle for change and transformation in your own life, and the lives of those in need.


"I was so caught up in my mind and so scared of my body that I was willing to do anything to avoid feeling it. But the moment I really started to feel, everything changed."


Cam now travels the world sharing the 4 pillars of the INBODY Method that changed his life forever. Follow his journey below to see how the Breathe, Move, Feel, and Contribute are changing lives all over the planet.

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