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International High Performance Coach

"Your body will show you the way... All you have to do is learn to listen."

- Cam MacDougall


Cam MacDougall is an international High Performance Coach based out of Bali, Indonesia. For more than 10 years, Cam has been coaching and training mission driven professionals on how to tap in to their body's internal energy reserves and boost their vitality. Through his 6 "C" Method, he optimizes vitality (sleep, nutrition, fitness, mindset, spiritual and mind/body connection and play) to not only get them fit, but improve productivity and get them out doing more of what they love, while improving productivity. 


Over the years, he has not only helped hundreds of people become high performers in health and fitness, but has empowered them to find their purpose and make vitality an integral part of their lives.

"Everything you create is a product of your state. If you tap in to your body and optimize your state, you will start producing things you never thought possible before".

From online courses, to private coaching, and 3 day immersive consults, Cam has programs that tailor to every professionals lifestyle and schedule. From a "quick hit" energy power up course, to a personalized "live in" vitality consult to overhaul your lifestyle, he does it all. 

During his fitness and professional career, Cam has been a 2 times Regional CrossFit Athlete, ridden the world's longest off road mountain bike trail from Banff, AB to Antelope Wells New Mexico 4,350 km in under 38 days, been a 4 time Presidents Club award recipient as Assistant Vice President of a financial firm, and built and sold his first online business.

He knows what it feels like to be "on the grind", he has been there many times. 

During his career he has worked with entrepreneurs, business professionals, TV personalities and athletes. These high thriving, energy hungry humans have employed him for support with energy, strength, mindset, spiritual connection and overcoming self limiting beliefs to breakthrough and move their body's, business and career ahead with purpose, direction and limitless energy.

"The unhealthy hustle and grind mentality is a thing of the past - the years of trading health and vitality for riches is dead... It's time to redefine success by looking amazing, feelling great and being a total boss!"

Cam knows what it feels like to be burnt out and depleted when ambition has gotten the best of us. He has felt it both as an at risk youth raised Vancouver's East side, as well as a "successful" finance executive. He knows how the corporate/professional game is played, and has built his own 6 "C" Method around winning it.

Coming from Vancouver's East side, Cam has seen first hand what misdirected energy looks like. He believes that so much of the energy we create from training, to stressing out and having meltdowns or reaching burnout is wasted. "When we capture it, and redirect it into our mission as well as to those in need, we create a serious win-win situation. We turn our bodies into vehicles for change in our lives, missions and the communities around us.

This is why everything Cam does is oriented around getting your business rocking, helping you look amazing and using this energy you are creating to also help others in need. It is a perfect circular system.

"Your body is a vehicle for change in your life, and the lives of all those that surround you."


Believing that our bodies are truly vehicles for change, Cam now builds contribution in to everything he does. Each course, program or event he holds contributes to Vancouver's at risk youth through the Take A Hike Foundation, Bali's children in need through the Bali Children's Foundation and climate change through Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali. Learn more about the charities her works with here.

Cam now continues this journey through his high performance coaching and online programs where he helps people build their energy from the inside so that his clients can show up like total badasses on the outside.

Join the movement and let's redefine success, become total superheroes and help the world all at the same time.