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Your body holds all the codes

Private Sessions

Book a 2 hr private breathwork journey with me to tap deep into your body's wisdom.

Global Workshops

Attend one of The O2 Awakening Global Workshops for a group experience like no other.

Bali Retreat

Attend The O2 Awakening Retreat September 2020 in Bali for a 7-day immersive breathwork experience.


Get into your body on the deepest level

Living in a world of relentless stimulation and endless distraction has most of us trapped in our heads. And when we are stuck in our heads, we are not in our bodies. I was first introduced to breathwork as an athlete to help me enter  flow state, improve coordination, control my nervous system and stay calm in highly competitive environments. As a coach, I have used it for my own personal healing as well as to empower my clients to dive deeply into the wisdom stored within the body's tissue. I am trained in Trauma release breathwork modalities, as well as a facilitator for The 02 Awakening.



I felt very comfortable to expose myself and dive deep. Cam was very attentive and supportive and created a safe space from the first time we talked until checking in after the session. It was a very important experience for me as I received clarity on a lot of my fears self-imposed limitations.


I’ve been a part of many breathwork sessions. That being said, Cam has Set the tone and held space better than ive ever seen before. Truly an honor to be seen, felt, and heard to authentically!


I felt very comfortable going deep and allowing myself to fully express everything that was coming up. Cam felt completely non-judgemental and very loving. This was by far my most eye-opening breathwork session to date.


Challenge yourself right now to 30 days of 5 minutes of breathwork. As a facilitator for The O2 Awakening, I believe deeply in their methods and wizardry. Use this free resource, it is extremely powerful prior to meditation, working out or throughout the day to keep you out of your mind and in your body.