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Over 10 years of fitness, nutrition and high-performance coaching

For over 10 years, Cam has been coaching busy professionals on how to connect in to their body's, tap into their energy reserves and use vitality as a keystone habit in their lives to achieve great things in both their health and profession.

"I know first hand what it's like to be driven by ambition and to put my vitality on the back burner... I also know how powerful we can become when we no longer treat them as separate parts of our lives."

Your mission deserves ALL of you. Cam's coaching packages help you get there. 



Join The VITALITeam


Starting out on the path to optimal health and vitality can be a bit intimidating at first. My team and I have designed some amazing courses to get you rolling and on the path to fuelling your mission with vitality.

  • Group classes 20-60 people

  • Guided workbooks

  • Live group coaching

  • Challenges

  • Nutrition guides

  • Workout programs

  • Mindset techniques

  • VITALITeam group access

Work With Cam


This is my flagship offer. I keep you accountable, program your workouts, monitor your nutrition and help  you overhaul your vitality, fitness and professional practices. If you are looking for the real deal, this is it.

  • 2 Calls with Cam every month

  • Your own custom workout program

  • Personalized nutrition advice

  • Personalized routine development

  • Access to all course assets

  • Access to Cam via email + WhatsApp

  • Full 6 "C" Method program

  • VITALITeam group access

Work With Cam


This involves a complete overhaul of your vitality practice and some intensive one on one work with me in person. If you are an extremely busy professional that wants a vitality quarterback in their corner, this is your option.

  • All private coaching benefits +

  • 3 day live-in consult with Cam

  • Live biometric monitoring

  • Sleep analysis

  • 1 Monthly breath work session

  • Full nutrition analysis

  • 90 min biweekly call with Cam

  • Unlimited access to Cam


"True vitality does not start in the gym, it starts in your mind and your state. If you can't master your state, you will never master your vitality.

All day long we can go to the gym, hope to stay consistent and let life kick us around. We see some results, we lose some results, and we tell ourselves that next time it will be different.

If you ask me, this is no way to treat our most valuable resource. 

Over the years I developed a system for never missing another workout and embodying vitality as a part of my being, my career and my relationships. And I have done that, through the 6 "C" Method.

To truly embody vitality, I have found that the following factors must be present.




Clarity fuels action. When we do not know EXACTLY what enhanced vitality brings to our life, we do not make it a priority. Knowing your WHY makes you unstoppable.


To achieve limitless levels of vitality, one must learn to become the student. There are so many resources out there to help us on our path, but we have to navigate them effectively.


True consistency leads to limitless results and it is much easier said than done. This is where most people get stuck and end up playing the yo-yo game for years on their path to optimal vitality.


Progress equates to happiness. Without seeing how far we have come, it can be hard to keep going. Celebration is often forgotten, but a self love practice that will change the game.


Life throws things our way all the time. This is not avoidable. What makes or breaks a powerful program is one's ability to build a mindset that overcomes  the challenges presented.


This 6th "C" is the key to never missing another workout again. It acts as the fuel to your fire and is so under utilized in the world of conventional health and fitness. I can't wait to share it with you!