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Your body as a vehicle for change


"So much of the energy we create when we train is wasted. If we could capture it, and redirect it in to our missions, we could literally fuel our impact with Vitality." - Cam MacDougall

Your vitality is the most powerful tool you have to bring change to your own life, and it does not have to stop there...

As a trainer and coach, I always wondered how we could pay our power bills at the gym with all the energy that went in to our clients getting fit. Then it hit me... why use it for the utility bill when we can help so many in need.

By working with me, you do just that. I contribute 3% of all proceeds from my courses and coaching clients to the following charities. Who would have thought that by helping yourself feel good, you might actually help so many others...

The Take A Hike Foundation helps at risk youth get off the streets and moving their bodies in nature to learn through "Adventure Based"based learning.

Take A Hike Foundation

In Bali, school is very expensive. This makes it a luxury for most. The BCF is an organization that goes to the poorest villages in Bali and provides education to those in need.

Bali Children Foundation

At the ages of 10 and 12, two balinese girls decided to start solving the plastic problem on this beautiful island. Now they travel the island educating others and cleaning up this beautiful place.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Turn your body in to a vehicle for change