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Breathe, Flex, Feel, Transform.

"We train to live, we don't live to train."

Fitness should be used as a springboard for you to live the most badass life you possibly can. It should not feel like a chore or another thing to check off the list. You have enough of those! At Inbody Fit we take discipline out of the picture and infuse your routine with an excited devotion to build your body in all the right places, from the right places. By combining breathwork with conscious flexing, and using meditation to actually start feeling the growth and development that comes with building your body, training becomes orgasmic. It starts feeling so damn good that you can't not do it. And before you know it, you are transforming  your life and creating ripples in all the lives around you. If that doesn't sound totally badass, we don't know what does...


The breath is your gateway to your body's intelligence systems. Sadly, the majority of the world suffers from chronic hyperventilation, poor use of mouth breathing and a host of unhealthy breathing patterns. In spite of this, we are so eager to jump on the treadmill, or into a HIIT class to "improve" our conditioning and get fitter... Yet the structure and foundation we are building off of is completely compromised. For thousands of years, yogis have taught us that the breath, or prana, is the foundation of optimal health and vitality. So why hasn't the conventional fitness world caught on? Strange, I know. That's what we are here to change. At Inbody Fit we start by teaching the breath, making sure it is at the forefront of your practice and build from there. Just watch how much quicker your transformation goes from there. 


Our body is our spiritual foundation. From the things we build to the lives we live everything stems from our body and it's strength and vitality. HIIT workouts, circuit training, and spin classes are fun ways to move the body, but these modalities are not designed to make us stronger. They are designed to work one metabolic pathway and condition our aerobic cardiovascular system. That's it. When done right, however, a professionally designed strength program builds all of your bodies energy systems in a balanced and well-rounded manner. From stronger bones, to more controlled flexibility, strength training is at the foundation of all human vitality. Don't worry either, just because you lift weights it doesn't mean you have to start wearing stringer tanks, drinking out of a 4 L milk jug or grunting and groaning. There is a conscious and connected way to do it.


The key to high-performance and peak levels of fitness is to be completely in touch with feeling your body. Conventional fitness has moved us so far away from this and glorifies pushing harder, driving faster and moving further and further away from our body's senses. Ever numbed out during a workout? I thought so... Working out can be orgasmic when you feel everything. And like sex, the better it feels, the more you do it and the more you do it, the better you feel. When you combine visualization, breathwork, a sound training program, and meditation together you get a fitness program that feels better than anything you have experienced in the past.  This is the secret to making a routine that you actually want to wake up and do. Remember, the mirror only shows you one page of the vitality book, it's the sensations on the inside that tell the whole story.


So often epic humans like you say they want to get fit, but deep down inside, don't really know why. Sure getting fit helps you "live longer", "do more" things, "have more energy"... The list goes on. But are those really enough to make it a lifestyle? Definitely not. We recently polled a group of people on what motivates them in their fitness journey more than anything. Guess what the majority of people said...? Helping others. Or in other words, making their fitness journey about something bigger than just them and their own individual needs. All of them said that if their fitness program was tied to a cause or good deed they were much more motivated to stay on top of it. For that reason, I give that gift to everyone that comes into an Inbody Fit program. Through The Vehicle For Change Project, we add 10% of your course fees into a fund to support youth on the street that can't afford to pursue their athletic dreams. And we only do this if you finish the program. This is how we use your fitness practice to create ripples in the world. You are literally transforming your own body and touching the lives of others in need. Your body is literally a #vehicle4change



Start breathing, flexing and feeling today!