Breathe, Flex and Feel to watch your whole inner and outer world Transform

"The moment I started working with my body instead of against it was the first time I truly witnessed its power."

The real magic in health and fitness comes from connecting so deeply with your body that you can literally visualize and feel it transform. When you combine the breath, with conscious flexing, and take time to really tap into the feeling of building your body, training becomes orgasmic. And like sex, the better it feels, the more you do it and the more you do it the better it feels. This method not only works 10 times more than conventional fitness, it actually empowers you to be the creator of your body and gives you the tools to build into whatever it is you want it to be. No bullshit, no ego, only pure self-love, and straight-up conscious gains. #consciousflexin




The breath is your gateway to your body. Sadly, the majority of the world suffers from chronic hyperventilation and unhealthy breathing patterns. Stuck with poor conditioning, we are so eager to jump on the treadmill, or into a HIIT class to "improve" our conditioning and get fitter... Yet the structure and foundation we are building off of is compromised. For thousands of years, yogis have taught us that the breath, or prana, is the foundation of optimal health and vitality. So why hasn't the conventional fitness world caught on? Strange, I know. That's what we are here to change. Because your speed at getting the biceps, building the booty and achieving the coveted 6-pack are all supercharged 10x when you are breathing right. That is why it is a foundational pillar of what we do at INBODY.



Our body is our foundation. Everything we build, all the things we create, and the life we live all stem from our body and it's strength. HIIT workouts, circuit training, and spin classes are beautiful, fun ways to move the body, but these modalities are not designed to make us stronger. They are designed to condition a part of our cardiovascular system.  A strength program and weight lifting protocol are paramount for a long healthy. They strengthen the bones, build lean muscle and turn our body into a stable, strong foundation to experience all the wonderful things we are here to experience. Don't worry, just because you lift weights does not mean you have to start wearing stringer T-shirts and drinking a 4 L milk jug of protein powder either. There is a conscious way to do it.




The key to high-performance and peak levels of fitness is to be completely in touch with your feeling body. Working can be orgasmic when you feel everything. And like sex, the better it feels, the more you do it and the more you do it, the better you feel. When you combine visualization, breathwork, a sound training program, and meditation together you get a fitness program that feels orgasmic. as the more orgasmic it feels, the more you do it and the more you do it, the more results you see. This is the key to all of my programs. The mirror only shows you one page of the book, it's the sensations on the inside that tell the story.




So often amazing people say they want to get fit, but deep down inside, don't really know why. Sure getting fit helps you live longer, do more things, have more energy, feel accomplished, connect with others, have better sex... The list goes on. But WHY do we want to do more of that? We once polled a group of people on what motivates them in their fitness journey more than anything. And the majority of people said helping others, or in other words, making it about something bigger than just them. If their fitness was tied to a cause or good deed they were much more motivated to stay on top of it. For that reason, I give that gift to everyone that comes into my programs. Through The Vehicle For Change Project, we donate $0.25 to kids in need for every single workout you complete. You literally transform your body and the lives of others at the same time. Your body is literally a #vehicle4change


Start breathing, flexing and feeling today!

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