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All proceeds going to the food bank to help those in need affected by Coronavirus


"I don't want you just getting "fit", I want you to turn your body into a vehicle for change in your life and on the planet" - Cam MacDougall

As a global community, we have to come together. As we overcome and navigate the world's current situation, many people are left out of work, stranded and without food. This program is designed to turn your body into a vehicle for change to help you stay fit while locked inside, as well as to support those in need. Your health and vitality stretch so much further than your own skin, it affects your family, your community, and our planet. Join me on this 4-week program and let's show just how powerful your body really is. Let's keep #consciousflexin


Bringing you booty gains and bicep pumps from the heart


Together we will set the goal of getting fit and supporting those in need during a challenging time of social isolation. #vehicles4change


Over 4 weeks you will be guided through a training program that combines breathwork, workouts, and meditation to get you deep in your body while inside the confined of your own home.


At the end of the program, you will be given an integration protocol to ensure that everything you have accomplished continues.

All proceeds going to those in need.

Now that we have taken the precautionary measures to isolate ourselves, it's time to take a moment and think about those without the means to support themselves in isolation. With companies closing down all over the world. It has been said that food banks all across the globe are going to feel the pinch, and those without the means to buy food will be feeling it the most. All proceeds of INBODY FIT are going to go to those needing support in the major cities of Canada and Australia.

How Will You Be Supported?

The program runs live over 4 weeks

4 Weeks of Workouts

3 Workouts Per Week Loaded On Your Phone + Bonus

Group Coaching

Live Q&A Sessions With Cam

Shopping Lists

Whole Food Grocery List​s & More


To Keep It Fun & Celebrate All The Wins


Unlimited Participants


3 months free to the INBODY membership site

Head Coach Cam

Cam Mac is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. Coming from over 10 years of personal training, nutrition coaching, and high-performance coaching for groups and individuals, Cam believes that lots is missing from the conventional approach to health and fitness. By combining Breath, Movement, and Feeling he has designed a new experience to help people get out of their heads, into their bodies and start seeing lasting results inside and outside of the gym for years to come.


"I never want my clients to rely on me for their vitality, I want them to see their body as a vehicle for change in their community and the world so that accountability is no longer a thing."


- Cam MacDougall


"The opportunity for insight into Cam’s goal-setting focus combined with workouts I could do at home seemed impossible to pass up."

"first couple weeks of goal setting were so inspirational and really made me reassess why being healthy was important to me and create an action plan."

"The ability to remaining focused on a goal, acknowledge the success and learn from the challenges really kept me moving forward."

"The home workouts involved only body weight that I could do in about 40 minutes, took away my excuse that I didn’t have the time."

"Cam’s inclusion in group discussions surrounding at-home self-care and simple nutrition guidelines (not some crash diet that I never stick to), made this be more about a shift in lifestyle rather than a weight loss program."

"It was an amazing opportunity that I will be participating in again and would highly recommend."

And help those in need for ONLY $29.99 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

April 1, 2020 you will get the first benchmark workout and the program will be kicked off.

How do I access the workouts?

You will be assigned all of your workouts through an app called Bridge Athletic. Cam will program your workouts and send them to you through his coaching platform on the app. It is very easy to use. All movements will have videos and tutorials.

What are the two fitness programs I can choose from?

You will have the choice between the beginners program which is 3 workouts a week, and the intermediate program which is 5 workouts a week. All workouts can be done at home or the gym. Whatever you please!

Do I need access to a gym for this program?

No you do not. If you do not want to go to the gym you can choose to do so, and even make the workouts harder with the resistance equipment provided there. But everything can be done at home, in the park, or wherever you choose.

How long will the program last?

You will have the first week to set your goal and do the benchmark workout and the following 7 to achieve it! The total program will last 8 weeks. After 8 weeks you will enter the 3 months trial phase for the membership site where you will get access to the other OM Fitness programs that are launched and additonal value add coaching and services from Cam. This program is designed to last. IT IS NOT A QUICK HIT IN AND OUT ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAM.

How does the coaching work?

Every week during the program you will have a live with Cam where you can ask questions, connect with other members and get all the guidance you need. These are very valuable sessions and we highly recommend you attend all of them.

How will the group interact?

The group will interact with the coaches and other members through a private Facebook Group and the live Zoom calls every 2 weeks (4 total).

Does this program cover nutrition?

Some basic guidelines, pricinciples and grocery lists and cheat sheets will be provided to help you with your nutrition over the 8 weeks. But because of the intricate nature of everyones needs and the low entry fee, personal nutrition protocols will not be included. This doesn't mean that you cannot bring nutrition questions to the live calls though :)

What if I do not have a goal, can I still join?

You wil be taught how to make the right goal and guided through this process in the first week. Do not worry, we are here to support you.

How does the membership site work

After singing up for the INBODY FIT program you will be placed in the private INBODY (old name OMFIT) Facebook group. After your 4 weeks on the program, you will get 3 months free in the group where you get access to all the new programs that come in with subsequent registrants. After the 3 months , if you choose to stay, you will then be charge $19.99 CAD per month to stay in the group. By staying in the group you will get access to all programs launched in INBODY as well as access to live coaching/support calls with Cam.

What if something happens and I cannot join on the start date?

We will simply slot you in to the next program when you are ready to rock :)

What if I miss the live calls with Cam?

They are all recorded and shared in the group for you to watch after. You can then add any questions into the comments field that will be address later.

What if I havn't worked out in a really long time, is this program still for me?

Most definitely. With this beginner focused fitness program we start you off slow and build over the course of the 8 weeks. We are hear to empower you, not scare you away!

I don't know much about fitness, how do I get shown what to do?

All of the workouts have videos and description on how to do them. Also, Cam offers video analysis. If you feel like you are doing something totally off, post a video in the group and get support. We are all here to empower one another to do so!

When will the money be donated?

Once all registrations have come in, the money will be donated to the two major food banks in Canada and Australia.

Have More Questions?

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