Fueling conscious booty gains and woke bicep pumps since 2020

12-month fitness program using breathwork and meditation to get you 10x the results


For the price of 2 personal training sessions you get a 12-month fitness program loaded onto your phone

Here is what you can expect to get...

10-20 lbs of lean muscle mass

A breathwork practice that will last a lifetime... and increase it

The most proven nutrition protocol to gain LEAN muscle

Workouts that give you the most bang for your buck

Access to a private community sharing the journey

Professional technology to track your progress


"I don't want you just getting "fit", I want you to connect in so deeply with your body that you are able to build it into something you never thought possible before"

- Cam MacDougall

When you combine clarity, breathwork, strength & conditioning, and meditation you have a recipe for results that beat anything else in the world of conventional fitness. For years professional athletes have used these tools as secret parts of their training programs, now I am making them readily available to you.


Building your biceps and booty from the inside out


Too many people get hindered in fitness because of poor breathing habits. Before we even get started you will learn to breathe like an athlete. 


Over 12 months you will be given a structured training program on your phone with instructional video, lessons, and explanations on how to get the best out of this program.


Too many fitness programs these days pull people out of their bodies resulting in injury and inconsistent results. This program is designed to get you deeply rooted in your body.


I am a firm believer that the human body is a powerful vehicle for change in anyone's life. What I mean by that, is that the more we work on our connection with our body the better our life gets in all other areas of life. And the best part it, it does not stop with us as individuals. Our relationships get better, our impact on the planet becomes less and we really start to make ripples in our communities with an abundance of energy and excitement for life.


So I want to take this even further. For every workout you complete in any of my programs, I am going to donate $0.25 to children in need of healthy food.


Because here is the thing... It is a gift for us to be able to move our bodies like this, and not everyone has the same access to resources like you and me. For that reason, I want to turn your body into a vehicle for change so that you get as fit as possible while helping the greater community as well.


Cam Mac is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. Coming from over 10 years of personal training, nutrition coaching, and high-performance coaching for athletes, groups, and individuals, Cam believes that the conventional approach to health and fitness is missing the big picture. By combining Breath, Movement, and Feeling/Meditation he has designed a new experience to help people get out of their heads, into their bodies and start seeing 10x the results inside and outside of the gym.


"I don't want my clients to simply get big and bulky and trapped in their head... I want them to feel like absolute superheroes."


- Cam MacDougall

Cam has helped me not only get back into fitness but to do it in a conscious way. His support and love were crucial and I can't thank him enough. This isn't just training, it's much more than that.

Aren Bahia, Founder of Karma House and Partner at Yogi Lab


When does the program start?

The moment you sign up, you gets asked when you would like the program to start. If you want, you cans start that day, or weeks later. It is totally up to you.

How do I access the workouts?

You will be assigned all of your workouts through an app called Bridge Athletic. All your workouts will be uploaded to the app and be readily available for you on your phone. It is very easy to use. All movements and workouts will have videos and tutorials.

What are the two fitness programs I can choose from?

You will have the choice between the beginners program which is 3 workouts a week, and the intermediate program which is 5 workouts a week. All workouts can be done at home or the gym. Whatever you please!

Do I need access to a gym for this program?

Yes you do need access to a gym with basic strength and conditioning equipment. If youw ant a bodyweight exercize, please join the next INBODY FIT program listed on the website.

How long will the program last?

You will have the first week to set your goal and do the benchmark workout and the following 7 to achieve it! The total program will last 8 weeks. After 8 weeks you will enter the 3 months trial phase for the membership site where you will get access to the other OM Fitness programs that are launched and additonal value add coaching and services from Cam. This program is designed to last. IT IS NOT A QUICK HIT IN AND OUT ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAM.

Is there coaching with this course?

You will be brought through a series of videos filmed by Cam to orient you on the course content, explain wat is happening and why as well as highlight and demo all of the workouts and movements you will be doing. There is no live coching with this course, there is the course content and workout support throught the app. If you want live coaching, join in on the next group coaching session the INBODY fitness group on Facebook. You can ask all your questions there.

How do I interact with other people doing the program?

You will be added to the INBODY provate Facebook group where you can meet others on the program as well as join the monthly live coaching session with Cam.

Does this program cover nutrition?

Because of the intricate nature of nutrition and everyones needs personal nutrition protocols will not be included. Some guidelines, pricinciples and grocery lists and cheat sheets will be provided to help you with your nutrition throughout the program. You are more than welcome to bring nutrition questions to the live monthly calls with Cam in the Facebook group.

What if I do not know my goal?

Your goal is to do as many workouts as you can, get as fit as you can and connect as deeply with your body as you possibly can. Remember, for every workout you complete we donate $0.25 to charity. Your goal is to bring it in your program, get as fit as you can and support some amazing kids in needs.

How does the private Facebook Group work?

After singing up for any INBODY FIT program you will be placed in the private INBODY (old name OMFIT) Facebook group. This will last for the first 12 months of your program. After the 12 months , if you choose to stay, you will then be charge $19.99 CAD per month to stay in the group. By staying in the group you will get access to all bodyweight and group fitness programs launched by Cam as well as gain access to live coaching/support calls with Cam.

What if something happens and I cannot join on the start date?

We will simply slot you in to the next program when you are ready to rock :)

What if I miss the live calls with Cam?

They are all recorded and shared in the group for you to watch after. You can then add any questions into the comments field that will be address later.

What if I havn't worked out in a really long time, or ever... is this program still for me?

Most definitely. It is designed to empower beginers and dial in the advanced. There is as much information in this program as you need to get started, but also to skip if you already know it.

I don't know much about fitness, how do I get shown what to do?

All of the workouts have videos and description on how to do them.. If you feel like you are doing something totally off, post a video in the group and get support. We are all here to empower one another to do so!

When will the money be donated?

The money is donated at the end of every quarter.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you are able to show us and prove that you completed the program, followed the nutritional guidelines and still have not gotten any results, we will refund your program fee completely.


We are here to help you out

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