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Using fitness as a keystone habit to transform your life 


My mission is to change the world of fitness. I am a firm believer that "fitness" is a keystone habit in our lives and if we optimize it in the right way we'll see wide spread transformation across all facets of our lives.

The problem is the conventional fitness industry is not helping. With it's egoic pursuits, fast changing trends and fads, empty promises and lack of support people are wasting LOTS of money, time and energy on something that is only one small part of the picture.

As a trainer, CrossFit coach, nutritionist and health coach I learned so much but felt like the industry was missing something. Being in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds for so long, I saw that so many people were in need of something different. They were intimidated, bogged down with information, chasing fads and falling victim to the "yo-yo" effect of getting some progress, hitting the wall and always following this 2-3 month pattern.

The results were... Small gains, big upsets and the notorious phase of total burnout.

This hurt their lives, caused problems in their relationships and hindered the work that was being produced every day. And the worst part was... These were AWESOME people with amazing ambition with their hands tied behind their backs because they did not have the energy to move forward, let alone optimize their efforts.

"I am here to empower humans by using vitality as a key stone habit in their lives to transform their work, health, and ability to experience life."

This is where I developed the concept of "Fuelled By Vitality".

Everything we do is a product of our state. If we optimize our state, we optimize everything we produce. Far too many people put vitality on the back burner by neglecting sleep, eating crappy food, skipping workouts, sometimes not even taking a sip of water... Let alone act on their passions or interests. 

And this is simply a byproduct of the "hustle and grind" until you retire mentality. A mentality that is dying off as people come to realize that there is so much more to life than simply sitting at a desk or on a laptop until we hit burnout, resting for a week and getting right back at it to so it all over again.

"I want to help people see that they can have it all... The vitality, the fun, the 6 pack, the productivity and the big bank account."

It's time to redefine success, own our state, feel amazing, build kick ass projects and live our best lives. What is your success worth if you cannot truly live the rewards of all your hard work?

Who would have thought that getting fit, taking the time to rest, recover and nourish ourselves would lead to more productivity, better outputs and one bad ass life... 

In health and vitality,



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