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Bringing a conscious flex to the fitness community

Conventional fitness is simply a part of the "how". Too often it misses your "why" and your "what". I teach you how to start on the inside, so that you consistently achieve everything you want on the outside.


Far too often, we are so quick to chase a bigger booty, biceps or a chiseled six pack. At face value there is nothing wrong with this, but it changes all of our internal dialogue. It becomes the objective or the desired outcome as opposed to one of the  many beautiful results. When we do this, we admit to ourselves that we are not enough. The body is a gift, and perfect the way it is. The more you fuel it with the love it deserves, the better it will respond. Ultimately bringing you all the desired results along the way.


Being muscular, conditioned or flexible does not necessarily mean you are more vital. Too much muscle can weigh you down, too much conditioning can tire you out, too much flexibility can make you weak. A vitality based approach means you can lift heavy, run fast, move your body and do more of what you love outside of the gym. Not to mention keep a massive smile on your face because you feel great.


assume you either are, or aspire to be a mission driven human destined to bring a badass creation to this world. Vitality is your fuel to do so. So much energy is wasted in conventional fitness when it is built up without any direction on where to put it. I will teach you how to become the source of your own energy and help you find the clarity on where to put it. This is how you truly turn your body in to a vehicle for change in your life and on the planet.


Honestly, I want you to be "pinging" every single day you wake up. Your mission takes your focus, your impact boundless energy - being a "fit couch potato" won't suffice. I want you looking good, feeling great, and able to totally kick ass every single day. That is why toning your body and making you look fantastic is only a small piece of the puzzle and isn't enough for me. I want you to become a vitality pumping, energy boosting machine.

Ready to start fuelling your mission with vitality?