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Resources to help you learn more about the Inbody Fit movement

"Seeing a trainer or going to the gym for 4 hours a week is great... but who supports you for the remaining 164 hours?"



Inbody Fit is not here to simply get you "fit", as a community we are here to completely transform your life and state of being. We are building a group of conscious badasses destined to become the most powerful versions of themselves, and to move forward in life creating ripples everywhere they go.


Here is a glimpse into what Cam is saying and doing in the community. We hope you enjoy this information and are excited to get you involved.

If you have any ideas on projects or initiatives that you would like to share with us, let us know. We are always looking for more!



Here is a list of Podcasts Cam has appeared on. You will learn about his story, the Inbody Fit mission and some other amazing take-a-ways about health, vitality, spirituality, and becoming a straight up superhero!

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