Combining spirituality with badass strength training to get you 10x the results

I designed these programs for one reason...

To help you deepen your relationship with your body to get 10x the results of a conventional approach to fitness.


There are TWO options to choose from to meet you wherever you might be:


INBODY "STRONG": For those of you that want to get big and strong.


INBODY "CHISELED": For those of you that want to get lean and mean.


I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years which has made one thing very clear. The deeper your connection with your body, the more powerful your results.


Every program combines BREATHWORK, STRENGTH TRAINING, and MEDITATION to get you 10x the results. No ego, no-nonsense, only high-vibe conscious gains. #consciousflexin



Choose your first program below.

Build your body into your own personal temple by joining an INBODY workout program today...



This program is designed to get you big and strong while staying agile and limber. We teach you how to breathe to get maximal oxygen uptake into your bloodstream, take you through 12 months of strength and hypertrophy training (Foundational strength and muscle growth) and connect you deeply with every addional pound of muscle gained. From your pre-workout breathwork practice, to what lifts to do and how many sets every day and accompanying video tutorials, this program covers it all.


If you want to get strong and stay lean this is the program for you. This program focuses on foundational strength and conditioning to give you the body awareness and look of an athlete. We teach you how to breathe to get maximum oxygen uptake in your bloodstream, take you through 12 months of strength and conditioning programming and connect you deeply with your body. From how you start your workout, to each movement you perform, we have you covered with video support and tutorials.


If you don't like the gym and want to workout at home along with a group of awesome, dedicated humans then INBODY FIT is your program. These programs run live online with Cam once every 2 months and designed to help people with tight schedules, limited time, access to minimal or no equipment but a desire to keep moving no matter what. From contests to group challenges and live monthly coaching calls we create a powerful environment for anyone looking to get fit using nothing but their body.



No generic, one-size-fits-all program here. Cam helps you gain the knowledge and skills you need to create lasting change in a supportive community-based environment.


Cam’s acknowledge and step forward approach, gave me the push to not dwell on my week one “failure” but take that first step.


Cam's program was awesome and his passion for health infectious. His program raised my health game and created a new level of awareness.


I am a firm believer that the body is a vehicle for change both in our own lives and in the world. When we take care of the body, we eat better food, create less waste, calm our cluttered and reactive minds and generally bring more beauty to everyone we come into contact with. Because this belief is at the root of my being, I want to show you first hand how your hard work is contributing to a better world.

For every workout you successfully complete in any of my programs I will be donating $0.25 to charity. That means every week $3 goes to helping a kid that cannot afford healthy food.


The average program has 3 workouts per week and covers 48 weeks of the year. This means that each year you will be donating over $35 simply by moving your body.


Use #vehicle4change and tag @cammacdougall on Instagram to encourage others to do the same.


If you really don't like the gym and prefer working out at home or in the park...

Then join the next online bodyweight INBODY FIT program and meet a bunch of other rad humans just like you!

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