Your body is a vehicle for personal and global transformation


"So much of the energy we create when we train is

wasted. What if we could capture it, and redirect

it to those in need?

Who would have thought that helping others would keep you more consistent than ever? We know that more consistency means more conscious booty gains, bicep pumps and chiseled stomachs. So it would make sense, wouldn't it?


A few years ago I rode the world's longest mountain bike route, 4,350 km from Banff, AB to Mexico. I did this ride to raise money for the at-risk youth on Vancouver's streets. 21 days into this 38-day ride we were riding through freezing cold conditions at altitudes of 10,000 feet and more. What kept me getting back on that bike wasn't ego, determination, discipline or the prospect of bigger quads, it was thinking about the kids and families I was supporting and the impact I would have on their lives. Watch the documentary of this ride here.


Now I want to gift this tool to you. 


When you tie your personal results to supporting others you become unstoppable and help a lot of people. For this reason, I have made it a part of my mission to capture that energy you create when you train and share it with those in need.


Cam donates 10% of all proceeds from my programs to the Vehicle 4 Change foundation that spends 5% on supporting at risk youth, and 5% on giving back to the environment. Without supporting our youth or the environment our health and vitality is futile. This ensures that we are not only getting fit, but creating a better world to actually make it sustainable for generations to come. 



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